04th of April 2015

The 21st Century Woman I

Have you ever wondered why body fat is so difficult to shed and fasting is often ineffective in helping us achieve that? Would it be possible to help keep our weight in check by getting a better understanding of how hormones work?

30th of January 2015

Full Moon Sex and New Moon Blood

Did you know that humans, orangutans, and possums are the only mammals that have an average menstrual cycle length of approximately 28 days? We can all agree that humans are somewhat similar to orangutans, but possums?

14th of December 2014

Give your cells a break!

Paleo, fruitarian, raw food, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free. How can it be that there are so many different diets all claiming to be the best for your health? Twenty years ago, high carbohydrate, low fat and protein diet was considered to be the best for your health.

10th of December 2014

The female revision of the winner's hormone

Many scientific studies, as well as popular beliefs, link testosterone to winning. However a recent study conducted by Kathleen V. Casto and her colleagues at the Emory University indicate that testosterone can increase...