Welcome to the world of The Flow!

The Flow APP
  1. Is a platform open to all to participate
  2. Is not funded by any corporation
  3. Is available for FREE
  4. Is ethical social business

Some tips in the app are available for a fee in order to finance development of further exciting features not available yet on the app market.


The Flow is an independent initiative.

The content of the app is driven by its quality and benefits which it can bring to women and men around the world.

The app development has been driven initially by a vision and savings of one female citizen as well as by the experience, expertise and passion of the content contributors. Further development will thrive thanks to your participation including purchases of tips inside of the app. The truly exciting functionality is yet to come and requires developer time to be paid for!


Today there is a crisis of the female potential in the world. Women present less than 20% of the political and business leadership; and women get diagnosed with depression twice as often as men according to the WHO. Exhaustive explanation of this wide gap is missing.

Many projects targetting female empowerment either failed or have succeeded only with baby steps in the past including the feminist movement. We believe that to break the invisible wall and to propel women forward we need to fully acknowledge how female qualities change across the hormonal cycle on a monhtly basis, during puberty, during pregrancy or during menopause; and learn that these changes can be positively leveraged to boost female health, happiness, engagement and career choices. 

Instead of trying to fit into the established linear mode of working in a male dominated society, women need to start employing their super packs of powerful skills at the right times. Staying in tune with their natural cycle is the only way women can avoid frustrations and experience a profound sense of being in the right place all the time regardless of whether that place is home or their professional career.  

The Flow app is there to help women and men resurrect and boost the female power for a better and balanced world. 


The app does not collect any data which could be used to identify a specific user. This includes:

1. Not collecting the date of birth which could be used to identify a user. Only the year of birth is asked.

2. Not collecting IP addresses.

3. Not collecting location information which can be used to identify a user. The app uses location to determine the city to be used in the journal entry which the user is making. The app collects information about the country to be able to interpret relevant data points on basis of publicly available national public health statistics.  

4. Not collecting contact information.

5. Not collecting calendar information. The app accesses the calendar only to allow the user to create calendar entry in sync with the menstrual cycle, it does not read any calendar information.

The app collects generic data points without any identifiable user content. After a close evaluation and with all ethical safeguards in place these data points will be published in open data projects to support public health research. The data will also be used to inform users of the app as part of functionality developed in the future.


There are numerous ways you can participate in The Flow initiative or partner with The Flow at hello@theflow-app.com.

  1. Download the app FREE for your APPLE or ANDROID smart phone and explore the four different ways of doing things depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle.
  2. Partner with us for research of the menstrual cycle and any aspect of life imapcted by it.
  3. Help translate the app into your language, currently it is available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese and Slovak.
  4. Earn money or reach new audiences by publishing your own quality content inside the app.
  5. Become the ambassador for the most potent form of female empowerment still missing in the public discourse. 
  6. Support the The Flow project by buying selected paid tips or investing in new functionalities. 
  7. Contact us to conduct diagnostics of the unleveraged female leadership style and the potential to grow it, for a related speech or a workshop in your organization.

We'll love to hear from you at hello@theflow-app.com and work with you!

Thank you for your trust and looking forward to empowering women worldwide together, we my need to start from some unexpected basics in a new style! :)

PhDr Lucia Lukanova

PhDr Lucia Lukanova, founder of The Flow