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Live your bigger self!

Discover your true energies and best abilities in each phase of your menstrual cycle. Take period and fertility tracking onto a new level benefiting from them in your professional life as well. Be your happy self every day.

Why people love this app?

  • If your success is a result of your actions & your actions are impacted by your cycle, wouldn't it make sense to master this impact with any tool available? The Flow is a tool to support your success.

    BJ Radomski
    Executive Coach

    If anything can help a man understand a women, particularly the women he loves, a little more, it is worth following "The Flow".

    Brian Hyde
    Happily Married Man

    Passion & professional expertise went into creating The Flow, it's an app I wanted to use but couldn't find. Install it, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

    PhDr Lucia Lukanova
    Founder, The Flow