02nd of June 2015

Success is Achieved by Those Who Discover Their Inner Self...

...Not by Those Being Born with Fortune


In today’s competitive world, it is important to know yourself and to be able to make the right decision at right moment. You must know when to hit the floor running, in order to get the maximum output.


We women have an un-realized powerhouse of tools to increase our performance, create lasting well-being, achieve our goals, improve our relationships and create the work and life we desire. The secret to women's well-being, success and fulfillment is the menstrual cycle! During the menstrual cycle we can experience days of heightened ability and skill. When we are aware of these ideal times we can use them practically to get ahead, to excel and create the life we want. Every month is a new opportunity to live life to the fullest and reach our greatest potential!


Unfortunately the reason that so many women do not apply these abilities is that they do not realize they have a cycle of brilliance. It just takes awareness and a little bit of planning plus flexibility.


Correctly said byBJ Radomski, “If your success is a result of your actions & your actions are impacted by your cycle, wouldn't it make sense to master this impact with any tool available? The Flow is a tool to support your success.”


The Flow is an application which not only tracks your menstrual cycle but it also tells you about the changing hormones in your body as well as the effect it has. By mastering the knowledge of this change you can plan for success. You can plan for times of peaking energy, creativity, or the need to slow down and reevaluate. Prepare and avoid frustrations; channel your energy the right way!


This application is not only for women, but also for men to know their partner, wife or daughter. Men can see how the woman they love changes across their cycle.


It also helps you to plan the smart activities for the right time.  Here are some examples you may not be aware of:


  • Did you know that people are more attracted towards women who are ovulating?
  • The best time to start a new project is on the days after menstruation and before ovulation.
  • The best time to clean your cupboard and remove the unwanted goods is during pre-menstruation i.e. the phase which lies between day 20 in the cycle to the first day of menstruation.


The flow app is there to teach women (and men) how to reach their top performance in any phase of their menstrual cycle. Embrace it, learn it and you will be able to learn to love it.


To check out more about The Flow app, download the application from your App or Play Store here or follow The Flow's facebook page.


Title: Success is Not Achieved by One Being Born with Fortune, But by Those Who Discover Their Inner Self

Author: Neha Kapoor